Business law from a different point of view.™


A law firm that practices successfully for more than a century must consistently deliver excellent results and inspire long-term loyalty. Clients and attorneys alike stay with Graham & Dunn for decades because they have experienced a distinct difference in our approach and atmosphere.

Every client has a unique point of view. Each business interacts with countless others in the course of pursuing its goals, creating nuances that require specific industry knowledge, as well as broad-based legal experience. At Graham & Dunn, this perspective has always framed the way we work.

Graham & Dunn’s integrated industry team approach is a method we pioneered to structure a responsive legal practice, but it's also a state of mind, a unique way of crafting strategies that make all the difference to the businesses and individuals we represent, from Fortune 100 corporations to emerging local companies, and most everything in between.

We believe that Graham & Dunn is the right size for most businesses. We have the expertise and bench strength to handle the most complex transactional and litigation work, yet we’re lean enough to ensure direct access to senior partners. We are focused on being exactly what our local, regional, national and international clients need.

As attorneys—and as people—we are very down-to-earth. Sea level to be exact. Our Washington location on Pier 70, where the ground meets the Sound, doesn’t define who we are, but it reflects our desire to remain open, engaged and in touch.